Challenges in Design and Development of Functionally Sustainable Pavements

Tien Fwa

Chang’an University / National University of Singapore


Road pavements are an important urban infrastructure component to provide the required efficient mobility and accessibility in a smart city. They typically cover slightly more than 10 percent of the land area in most major cities. The presence of pavements and the associated road and traffic operations have created the following undesirable environmental and social impacts so far: traffic noise, air pollution, road accidents, extensive drainage system, and inadequate replenishment of groundwater. This presentation highlights the challenges of designing and developing a sustainable pavement network system that will effectively reduce the adverse environmental impacts, and in the meantime support the efficient operation of a smart city. The current pavement design and development practices are examined and their shortcomings with respect to environmental and digital sustainability are identified. Selected promising emerging technologies and measures that have been implemented or are being developed are highlighted.